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San Diego DUI Defense Lawyers

A DUI arrest or DUI conviction can wreak havoc on your life. The San Diego DUI lawyers at Hoffman & Associates understand how important it is to protect your reputation and maintain your driving privileges. The DUI laws in California are complex. Hiring an experienced DUI attorney should be your first step in resolving any issue related to driving under the influence.

Common DUI Defense Strategies

At Hoffman & Associates, we understand the necessity of proactively defending our clients who face DUI charges. We focus intently on the facts of your case and are not afraid to challenge discrepancies we uncover that may aid in your defense. Mistakes happen, but you should not pay the price for them occurring. For example, the accuracy of a field sobriety test may be challenged in several ways. Our skilled DUI defense attorneys know what to look for and how to question the accuracy of important evidence, such as the maintenance and calibration records of a breathalyzer machine. We will work to uncover erroneous evidence being used by the prosecutor against you, and these discoveries can have a dramatic impact on your case.

The facts behind each DUI case are different, but as our client, we want you to have a thorough understanding of the allegations you face, as well as any DUI defense that is available to you based on the facts of your case. Mitigating circumstances can often create a favorable response in front of the judge and prosecutor. Separate from fighting the facts the case of the case, these mitigating circumstances can also reflect favorably on our clients. Since perception is an important tool in any defense, we will work to show the prosecutor and judge that they should not make general assumptions about your reputation because of the DUI charges. Your personal history (resume, community service, etc.), lack of previous record, and third-party letters attesting to your good character are important components of your defense.

In the event that a DUI conviction is unavoidable, our experienced San Diego DUI attorneys will negotiate for alternatives to jail time, which may include alcohol rehabilitation treatment and community service hours. Our first priority is to protect our client's freedom.

Hire An Expert San Diego DUI Attorney

Our team of skilled lawyers has successfully defended thousand of driving under the influence cases (drugs and alcohol) since 1976. Our knowledgeable DUI attorneys will work to protect your rights, your reputation, and your good record.

If you are facing DUI charges, contact the San Diego DUI attorneys Hoffman & Associates today to schedule your phone or office consultation.