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Client Testimonials

Ron Hoffman has done a fine job at representing me throughout the years, and I would highly suggest his firm to anyone seeking immediate legal advice. He is diligent with personal cases and to my record has never let a client such as myself down. I give Mr. Hoffman a 10/10 in respect to how he conducts business across the board.

Erby F.

Ron Hoffman and his staff were Fantastic when dealing with such a serious issue of DUI. When I first Called Ron I was very nervous and worried for my daughter and her freedom. She had a failure to appear on top of her DUI and I knew just how bad this could be. Ron was able to immediately put me at ease and gave me the confidence that there was hope and a light at the end of the tunnel. Ron was able to get the failure to appear dismissed and also no jail time for my daughter. Ron Gave Great guidance and walked us through the process to a conclusion that my daughter an I was completely happy with. No Jail equals happy parent! That was not the end of my daughter's dealings with the legal system. She got another DUI before the first one went to trial that was not filed until Attorney Ron Hoffman got the first DUI Resolved. In addition Ron had to deal with another serious legal issue that was running almost concurrent with the DUI which looked really bad and was bad. I again knew how bad this could be. Jail was almost guaranteed. But again My Attorney Ron Hoffman with his experience and tremendous relationships that he has developed with the District Attorneys and Judges in Southern California along with his Legal Knowledge through all the years in practice. Attorney Ron Hoffman Came Through again. NO JAIL TIME......I am forever Grateful to Ron and his staff. My daughter learned a lot and is a better person thanks to the relationship we have with Attorney Ron. Joanie who works with Ron is also GREAT.... Thanks Team for all that you have done. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND RON.

Claude Brown

I had a DUI issue recently. I have never had a problem with the law as serious as this one. I did panic a bit after and knew I had to get a lawyer to help my future. I researched the Web and read the reviews for awesome DUI Lawyers. Hiring a lawyer can be intimidating. Ron's 30 years experience and step by step guidance helped me with my case. Jonie was amazing with keeping me calm. Ron Hoffman is a great lawyer and I would refer any friends or family to him. The results of my case was that the court date was dismissed and I was able to get my license back. I am grateful for their services. Happy customer satisfaction!!!

Manuel Gomez

I can't begin to thank Mr. Hoffman enough for his extensive efforts throughout the entire case. He went absolutely above and beyond throughout the entire process. From day one he was immediately actively pursuing ways to prevent my case from ever going to court and once that was no longer an option, actively began working on getting the case ultimately dismissed. His communication was consistent and reassuring, despite my frantic worries all the time. I live in another country and he was still in constant communication letting me know the next steps in the case. His knowledge of the law and all of the fine details that are entangled in prosecution and how the system works is extensive. His attention to every detail in the case and making sure everything is precise when presented in court is superior and was another reason I was able to feel at ease throughout the case knowing he was taking care of it all. He would tell me not to worry and after every conversation, I really wouldn't worry, which was a huge relief in the midst of a very stressful situation. What could have been years on probation, thousands in fines, possible jail time and 3 misdemeanors, one of which being a hit and run, turned into a plea to an infraction with a fine of $79 and both other charges, including the hit and run were dismissed. Nothing on my record! Truly amazing and something I defiantly didn't think possible. I also didn't have to attend court once. The case was closed and I am able to breath again! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Micaiah Botts

​My family and I simply owe our life and future to Ron Hoffman. If you are looking for a lawyer that goes above and beyond the call of duty you can't find a better lawyer than Ron. He took my case head on from the moment I called his office.

I was involved in an accidental hit and run where I was unaware of the injury. Every step of the way, Ron guided me through an almost two year long investigation and court settlement process and was constantly by my side through out every crossroad. He carefully explained every nuance and possibility during every stage of the investigation. He took personal time to meet with my family and myself to better know us and the course of events of my accident. He met with the DA on several occasions and explained my side of the story. He never gave up on getting the best outcome possible.

Once, when we were at court and I was waiting outside the court room. Ron was negotiated with the DA inside the court room and kept coming out to brief me on the proceedings. A guy came up to me and asked who is that guy who keeps coming out and talking to you. I said that is my lawyer. He said to me, wow, I wish I had a lawyer who cared about me that much.

This is just one example of how Ron is an exceptional representative to anyone who needs help. He would call on weeknights, weekends and holidays to check in, making sure I was comfortable about how things were progressing, what we were going to do at the next step and just seeing how my family and I were doing emotionally. We had several meeting to formulate strategy and to answer any questions I had for him.

Once charges were filed, it looked very hopeless. But Ron, continued to formulate strategies and plans to battle a formidable DA . This process went on for almost two years and Ron was with us at every stage of the fight. Through his persistence and mastery of the law, he reduced my possible years in prison to no jail time and the possibility of a future.

Ron possesses a quality of understanding of psychological warfare that is unparalleled in the criminal justice process. He explores so many different angles to get the very best outcome for his client and genuinely cares for the people he represents. It actually makes me laugh by saying client because Ron has become a close family friend who I depend on not only for legal advice but as a friend to rely on in a difficult situation.

My only regret is I can't give him 10 stars, Ron has saved my life and the life of my family. We will forever be in his debt.

Bill Martin

Dear Mr. Hoffman,
I was involved in a hit and run accident where I left the scene because I was afraid if I called the police I would get arrested for a DUI. I didn't know what to do so I searched the internet for a hit and run specialist and found Hoffman and Associates. After I spoke to Mr. Hoffman and he explained his strategy for trying to get my case dismissed I decided to hire him.
His firm took over and dealt with the police and helped me know what to say to my insurance company. After over a month and a half of work he called me and gave me the great news that he got my case dropped completely. No charges were filed and I avoided having a misdemeanor hit and run on my-record, no court, no fines. He did exactly what he said he would, his staff was very responsive to my every call and his fees and payment plan made all this affordable.
I would recommend him to anyone who has a hit and run or any case.
Sincerely yours,
Peter J.
Los Angeles

To Whom It May Concern:

I got into a car accident and got scared and left because the guy I hit was yelling at me and threatened to call the police. That was the biggest mistake of my life. Shortly after that I got a letter from the police wanting me to come in and give a statement. I panicked and didn't know what to do.

I didn't feel I could afford an attorney, but my wife said I probably couldn't afford not having one. I contacted several law firms but felt most comfortable with Attorney Ron Hoffman of Hoffman and Associates. Mr. Hoffman was also highly recommended by my best friend who used him when he had a Dui a few years ago.

We met at his office and he explained the law and all my legal options of how to respond the police letter. After hiring him to help me I felt much better. He took care of contacting the police immediately on my behalf. He helped me get my car out of impound and helped me with a statement for my insurance compqny. He even helped resolve matters with the guy I hit.

I can't thank him enough for the excellent results he got me and comforted me the whole time. Always answering my questions promptly, working on solutions to help this case from becoming a bigger ordeal. His staff was kind and treated me with the highest respect. They made this nightmare go away. I would recommend Hoffman and Associates to anyone in legal trouble.

Best regards,

John S.

To Ron Hoffman and Associates Law Firm

I needed a lawyer badly and all the reviews I found online for the best law firm lead to the same place, Hoffman and Associates. The reason I needed to look up legal help was that I had the unfortunate luck to become the subject of another person's road rage that lead to him falsely claiming I hit him with my truck. I was in so much shock and honestly fear that I drove away from the incident, and as I feared the Police called me in to make a report. I knew my situation did not look good and the police only had the other persons word to go on making me look like the guilty one. After contacting Hoffman and Associates through their interactive 24 hour website Mr. Hoffman called me that very next morning to get my side of the story himself. After hearing me out he told me that I was in a situation he has heard many times and that he has not only defended clients in court on situations like this but most of the time he was able to get the charge thrown out entirely. I was most impressed with Mr. Hoffman because he was able to put me at ease immediately telling me that he believed me and that I had a very good chance of not being charged at all. Not only did he spend the time to prepare me for the report to the police but also he arranged his personal schedule to go into the police station with me as I made the report so that the authorities properly understood my side of the story. After giving an official statement to the police Mr. Hoffman stayed in contact with me while warning that the police could take up to sixty days to decide to press charges. With this whole experience I couldn't help but think of the worst-case scenario but every time Mr. Hoffman called me he made me optimistic and assured me that my case had a very good chance of being dismissed. And that is exactly what happened, Mr. Hoffman stayed in contact with the police calling them to check on the progress of their investigation until they decided to drop the case entirely. I really can't say enough to explain how satisfied I was in hiring Mr. Hoffman to represent me; he was a down to earth kind of guy and gave me a payment plan that was perfect for my budget. If you hire Hoffman and Associates you will have the same experience as I had, the professional help of an experienced lawyer as well as a person who will put your mind at ease. Call today and get the help we all need at the worst of times.

Christian H.

Best money we ever spent was the day we hired Attorney Hoffman. My husband was facing a lot of jail time because of his prior DUI cases. Mr. Hoffman encouraged him to get the help he needed in a treatment program which has changed his life and ours. He convinced the Prosecutor and Judge to allow him to do electronic monitoring (house arrest) instead of jail. We can't thank you enough for your hard work in negotiating such a great solution to this awful legal problem.

Sincerely, J. P.

I would highly recommend the Law Firm of Hoffman and Associates to anyone needing an aggressive and knowledgeable attorney! My wife had a 10 year old warrant which she neglected to take care of because of the fear of facing jail. Watching Mr. Hoffman in action, he managed to get everything dismissed, and saved my wife from losing her freedom. The professionalism and caring from both he and his staff have provided us with the utmost quality and confidence. My hat is off to you on your exceptional skills as a lawyer.

Thank you so much. C.B. from Phoenix, AZ

I made a terrible mistake by leaving the scene of a car accident. I lived in fear for many days and had sleepless nights until the day I finally hired Attorney Hoffman. He guided me through the channels of investigation with the police department and avoided me be taken into custody and charged with a misdemeanor hit and run. He assisted me with the insurance company and negotiations with the other party. I was able to come out of this with nothing on my record, and peace of mind. Mr. Hoffman reassured me throughout the whole process, took my numerous calls and welcomed any questions throughout the day. His staff also treated me with kindness and respect. Would I recommend Mr. Hoffman, without a doubt. He made a big problem go away.

Lauren T.

It was the worst day of my life when I was arrested for Felony Drug possession and under the influence. After posting bail, I began the search on the internet for a lawyer to represent me in Court. I interviewed over 10 attorneys and got so confused. It all started sounding the same until I spoke to Mr. Hoffman directly. He was the only lawyer that helped me understand the importance of hiring a lawyer with more than a lot of experience, but one who truly cares. He not only negotiated a great deal in Court, but was able to get some of the charges dismissed. More importantly he encouraged me to face my drug problem head on. I thank you Attorney Hoffman.

Joseph P.

I was caught shoplifting at Macy's Department Store and faced serious penalties including potential jail time. I knew paying a lawyer would be a difficult situation with my current financial status. I was out of work and had a hard time paying my bills. My brother suggested I at least speak to Mr. Hoffman for his advice, which wouldn't cost me anything. He was so caring and nice, along with his staff, they made me feel like I wasn't alone fighting this problem. He gave me a generous payment plan to make his fees affordable. He went to Court for me and settled my case with no jail time and a very small fine. He also dealt with Macy's to explain my circumstances to help my case. By shortening my probation, we have now gotten this expunged from my record totally and it is as this never happened. He restored my faith in the legal system and I thank him very, very much.

Rosie P.

I want to thank you and Joanie for the excellent way in which you represented my case. I felt at ease as soon as I hired you knowing you were in my corner. At our first meeting, I expressed my concerns over jail time and you came through with powerful negotiations avoiding any possible jail time. You were always easily accessible and patiently explained the whole process to me clearly. I am glad I found you through my friends referral, and I definitely will refer you to others.


I want to express my most sincere thanks to you and your firm not only for resolving my case but also for caring for me as a person. You took the time to listen to my legal quandry and also listened to my personal circumstances which had affected the decisions I made in my life. You walked me through the legal process and help me feel at ease and assured me that a positive outcome was possible. You and your firm truly displayed empathy, honesty and allow me to make payments according to my financial situation. I will refer you to anyone. You and your firm truly cared about me as a person which made me feel better and allowed me to concentrate on my personal life and allow you to do your legal job.

Best regards, Hector D.

I was so stressed and scared when I got arrested for a DUI. Within minutes of calling Attorney Hoffman's office, I started feeling calmer. Mr. Hoffman and his staff treated me with respect and I felt reassured that everything would be o.k. Their knowledge, confidence and friendliness helped me fix my case with even better results than I ever imagined. Thank you!

Robert S.

The powerful way you spoke to the prosecutor on my case made me glad that you were my lawyer. I anxiously watched as you explained to the city attorney all of the positive information you had gathered on my behalf. I could see that you had convinced the prosecutor to see me as a good person, even though I had made a mistake in judgment. I can't thank you enough.

Paul T.

When I got my first DUI I didn't realize how serious or complicated it was. Not only did I have a problem with the Court, but also I faced losing my job because it required me to have a license. Mr. Hoffman listened to my concerns and explained to me his techniques for dealing with these problems. He was able to find a loophole in the breath machine records and consequently got my case dismissed and saved my license from being suspended.

Michelle R.

In a time of great stress and fear, I received invaluable legal help from the Law Offices of Hoffman and Associates. From my very first meeting with Mr. Hoffman, he treated me as if my case was as important to him as it was to me. I had contacted over 10 other lawyers, before making my decision. He got my felony charges reduced to a misdemeanor and saved me from going to jail. I will never forget how hard he fought on for me.

Billy K.

I was charged with a second DUI and to make matters worse, I foolishly refused to take a breath test. Attorney Hoffman proved to the prosecutor that the police had failed to warn me of the consequences. The refusal was dropped which kept me from going to Jail. This flaw that Mr. Hoffman discovered helped me greatly with the DMV. Thank you again, you're the best ! Jose S.

Jose S.

When I was accused of Hit and Run I was very scared. You not only helped me through the legal system with the Police Detective, but you protected me from this incident going any further into the Court system. I couldn't have done it without you. Thanks for making my life easier and allowing me to sleep at night.

Lauren C.

I was charged with a Felony DUI with Injury. The first offer from the District Attorney was for 3 years in Prison. After months of Mr. Hoffman fighting and negotiating with the District Attorney and Judge, I received straight probation, no jail time, and a treatment program for my drinking problem. I would without reservation recommend Mr. Hoffman to anyone seeking hard working, caring legal help.

Robert S.

I want your prospective clients to know that beyond your aggressive and skillful representation is a warm, caring and supportive man. You went far beyond legal assistance to help me change my life. I am now back on my feet and owe it all to you. Many thanks.

Lisa H.

The successful outcome of my case proves Mr. Hoffman to be a competent and trustworthy attorney. He surely made the right decisions to protect me throughout the entire process. Even after the case had been closed, he was always helpful in answering any questions I had. His fees were reasonable and worth every dollar.

Hector G.

There are not enough words to describe the gratitude I feel toward you and your staff. You saw my son as innocent and went the extra mile to get him unbelievable results. You got him his freedom. With your skill and expertise you hired an investigator to help prove my son's innocence. I know the criminal justice system is not easy, but you got award winning results and my son has become a productive member of society instead of facing years in prison. We will never forget all of your hard work. Thank you so much!

Jonathan K.

Mr. Hoffman spoke directly and honestly to me, but at the same time with compassion, understanding and warmth. He fought for me and succeeded in keeping me out of jail by finding police errors, not obvious to me or my family.

Jim A.

When I got my recent DUI, I thought my career in the Marines was over. You strongly recommended a treatment program, which you helped coordinate with my Superiors to help minimize the Military penalties and used this information to keep the Judge from sending me to jail. Thank you Mr. Hoffman.

Rick C.

I am writing to offer my sincere thanks and gratitude for the outcome of my daughter's case. Given the severity of the charges against her, you performed a minor miracle. I know, however, that it was hard work and excellent strategy that made all this possible.

Vicky S.

When I got a letter from the Court charging me with Hit and Run, my heart dropped. Mr. Hoffman told me that he would try and get the charges not to be filed by contacting the other party. His quick and skillful work restored my perfect driving record, and kept me out of Court. Words cannot express my deep appreciation.

Tony C.