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Handicapped Parking Fraud

Handicapped Parking Fraud in California

The California Department of Motor Vehicles estimates that more than 30% of disabled parking placards issued in the state are being used illegally. California Vehicle Code Section 4461 makes it illegal to use someone else’s disability placard when parking, or lending someone your disability placard to use. If you have been issued a disabled placard, you are the only person authorized to use it and you must be either the driver or the passenger in a vehicle for the placard to be valid.

The illegal use of handicap placards is a growing problem in California, but many people do not realize that the consequences are serious and the fines are significant. The California DMV may cancel or revoke your disabled placard for fraudulent use. In addition you could face a fine of $250 - $3,500, or up to six months in jail if caught using a disabled placard illegally.

Fighting False Accusations of Fraudulent Use of a Disabled Placard

Unfortunately, it is possible to be accused of disabled parking fraud even though the placard is being used legally. For example, if you are transporting an elderly relative who has a placard and you drop them near the entrance to a store while you park the car, when you exit the car it may appear that you are fraudulently using the disabled placard. The person who is the placard holder, in this case your elderly relative, must only be within “reasonable proximity” for legal use of the placard.

Some disabilities, such as heart or lung issues, are not visually apparent but still qualify someone for a disabled placard. However, placard holders without visual disabilities can be erroneously turned in to the DMV for handicapped parking fraud. The knowledgeable defense attorneys at Hoffman & Associates can assist you in fighting erroneous disabled parking fraud charges. We have over 30 years of daily experience in courtrooms throughout California.

Experienced, Knowledgeable DUI and Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Help

Our firm routinely helps clients correct problems related to the California Vehicle Code and the Department of Motor Vehicles. As a client, you will benefit from the relationships we have built in courtroom venues throughout California. Our experienced DUI and Criminal Defense Attorneys understand the laws related to handicapped placard fraud and will fight for your rights and good reputation.

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