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Proactive Defense

Our Proactive Approach to Defending Clients

A successful legal defense is often a proactive legal defense. At Hoffman & Associates we pride ourselves on being proactive when it comes to defending our clients. We fight for your rights and to maintain your good reputation every step of the way. Our skills and expertise extend beyond the courtroom and into important areas, such as the rules of evidence. We don’t wait to react to what the prosecutor brings to us before beginning our work on your defense.

How Do We Defend You Proactively?

No matter what charges you face, there are several strategies to being proactive when it comes to your defense. They may include:

  • Attacking the accuracy of facts
  • Analyzing the evidence
  • Showing that the allegations are out of character for our client
  • Changing the perception of the judge and prosecutor
  • Involving our client in proactive steps of rehabilitation

Our experienced defense attorneys will sift through all the evidence related to your case in an effort to find areas of weakness for the prosecutor. We have spent more than 30 years in courtrooms throughout California and developed relationships with prosecutors and judges that ultimately benefit our clients.

If you are facing criminal charges, it is important to hire qualified legal counsel to advise you of your rights, and begin preparing you for the appropriate course of action in the courts. At Hoffman & Associates, our DUI and Criminal Defense Attorneys have a well-rounded knowledge of the legal system and can immediately begin building a strong, proactive legal defense for you.

Proactive Legal Defense in California

We offer proactive legal defense for clients worldwide who are facing legal issues in California. Our skilled defense attorneys can appear in California courts for you on misdemeanor charges, and also on felony charges if the judge agrees that it is not necessary for you to appear. For many types of charges, there is reciprocity between states that can work in your favor. Rest assured that the knowledgeable DUI and Criminal Defense Attorneys at Hoffman & Associates are committed to providing aggressive and effective representation for every client.

A office or phone consultation with an experienced criminal defense lawyer should be your first step towards building a defense. Our offices are located in Los Angeles and San Diego and we appear in courts throughout California. Contact us to schedule a meeting to discuss your case.

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