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Southern California Bail Bondsmen

Southern California Bail Bondsmen

Many people are confused as to how bail bondsmen can help them when they are in custody. What is important to know is that bail is normally set at an amount that is unaffordable by the average person. Bail bondsmen help pay the required amount, and in return they get a fee that is figured as a percentage of the full amount.

For example, if your bail amount is set at $10,000 a bail bond company would pay the $10,000 for you to be released from custody. The bail bond company will then charge you anywhere from $800 to $1000, depending on the level of their fee. In general, bail bond companies charge between 8% and 10% of your total bail amount for posting your bail and having you released from custody. They keep this fee even after your case is completed.

What Information Do I Need To Give To the California Bail Bond Company?

The way a bail bond company works is that, by posting bail for you, they are essentially promising that you will attend all mandatory court dates and stay out of trouble until the case is closed. They stand to lose the amount of the posted bail if you fail to appear in court or find yourself being arrested again. Because of this risk, the bail bond company will ask for background information, as well as collateral to secure the bail amount. Some bail bond companies even ask for liens against property in the state to serve as collateral for bail.

How Do I Find a Reputable Bail Bondsman in California?

While the bail bond company is allowed to ask you personal financial questions, how do you know if that company you are providing your private information to is a legitimate one? We highly recommend that you go through a bail bond company that comes from a referral. One of our clients made the mistake of using a bail bondsman he found through a Google search when he was trying to get his brother released from custody. The company asked for a lot of personal information, as well as verification of income and social security, and told him they would take more than one day to post bail. Instead, this client decided to use a bail bondsman recommended by Hoffman & Associates and was able to get the bail process completed within a few hours and have his brother back home.

The skilled criminal defense attorneys at Hoffman & Associates have more than 30 years of daily courtroom experience in courts throughout California. We have developed relationships with prosecutors and judges over the years that benefit our criminal defense clients, and also have trusted referrals to bail bondsmen who can help get you released from custody quickly. We offer a consultation, so contact us today to discuss the facts of your case.