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Criminal Defense Attorneys Serving All Courts in California

Although our offices are located in Los Angeles and San Diego, our skilled criminal defense lawyers regularly appear in hundreds of courtrooms in California. We appear frequently in Orange County, Ventura County, San Bernardino, San Fernando Valley, and Riverside County courthouses, but are able to represent clients throughout the State of California.

Even if you do not live in California, but have found yourself facing a legal issue while visiting the state for business or pleasure, the experienced defense attorneys at Hoffman & Associates can represent you. Over the years we have represented many clients who live in other states, as well as Canada, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. We helped these clients with their legal problems in California, and often they did not have to return to California to settle the matters.

In Los Angeles, alone, there are over 30 different courts. Accordingly, in California there are hundreds of courts. Although the California courts each follow the same laws, the judges and prosecutors implement the laws with their own unique style and personality. In other words, courts in different counties in California can differ tremendously in how they prosecute an offense. Because our criminal defense attorneys understand and appreciate the differences in courts, they are better able to protect our clients’ freedom and good records in the venue they appear in.

At Hoffman & Associates, we spend more time in the courts than in any other place and have over 30 years of daily courtroom experience. Our knowledge of the often subtle differences in style and procedure among the courthouses is a critical element in our successful defense of our clients. Clients always benefit from the relationships that we have built in each courthouse. These business relationships and diverse experience help us successfully resolve our clients’ legal problems, no matter where they occur in California.

California Defense Attorneys with Important Courtroom Knowledge

The Hoffman & Associates defense attorneys know the prosecutors and the judges —and they know us. They are willing to work with us and know our reputation for aggressively fighting for our clients’ rights. We are fortunate to have their respect even as we fight for dismissals and reductions in charges whenever possible.

In most circumstances we can appear in any California courtroom on behalf of our clients, eliminating the need for clients to take time off of work or travel far distances to make an appearance. Our appearance on our clients’ behalf also reduces the stress associated with a trip to the courtroom.

If you or someone you know needs solid, aggressive criminal defense in California, call the offices of Hoffman & Associates. No matter where you live, Hoffman & Associates can represent you in a California courtroom.

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