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Choosing An Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer

Chances are if you are facing any type of criminal charge - misdemeanor or felony - you are also searching for an attorney to defend you. Your search, and ultimately your choice of DUI and Criminal Defense Attorney, should be done carefully and with much consideration as to the impact it will have on your case. We choose professionals to help with many aspects of our lives, for example doctors for our health and accountants for our finances. The questions we ask these professionals help us figure out if their experience and knowledge can meet our needs.

When your freedom, good record, and reputation are on the line, the level of experience your attorney has is particularly important. The DUI and Criminal Defense Attorneys at Hoffman & Associates have over 30 years of experience in courtrooms throughout California. Our record of success speaks to just how valuable this experience is to our clients.

Why More Than 30 Years of Experience Counts in and Out of the Courtroom

Our attorneys use their extensive experience in ways that benefit you no matter where you are in the justice process or what types of charges you are facing. We know how to negotiate in the early stages of your defense, and also what defenses to use specifically for your case. Years of experience give our attorneys the luxury of knowing how to handle problems that may arise, and to then reach an appropriate solution in substantially less time than it would take a less experienced attorney. Our knowledgeable DUI and Criminal Defense Attorneys don't have to reinvent the wheel for each case, which ultimately results in a lower overall cost to our clients.

The decades of experience we have in the courts, relationships with prosecutors, and familiarity with judges benefit our clients and the outcomes of their cases. There are over 30 different courts in Los Angeles, and hundreds of courts throughout California that each follow the same laws, but may differ tremendously in how they prosecute the wide range of offenses. Appreciating and understanding those differences is critical to protecting our client's freedom and good record. There is no substitute for years of courtroom experience. We are experienced with how the justice system works in courts throughout California and can put that knowledge to work for you immediately. Don't settle for having a less experienced attorney by your side.

Hiring the right lawyer is one of the most important decisions you can make. Our attorneys are proud of the years of experience they bring to each case and the excellent reputation they have in the legal community. We have the knowledge to skillfully and aggressively represent you in Los Angeles, San Diego and courts throughout California. Contact the offices of Hoffman & Associates today.