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Why Hire Us?

At HOFFMAN & ASSOCIATES, we are the experienced DUI and Criminal Defense team of attorneys you need. We always give each client the personal attention necessary to solve their legal problems promptly and successfully.

Why Do I Need an Attorney?

People in trouble are constantly asking this very good question.

First, being arrested for a misdemeanor or felony is a far more serious violation than a traffic ticket, which is an infraction. All of these offenses carry the possibility of jail time and substantial fines, probation, treatment programs and many other possible consequences.

A conviction of such an offense will appear on your record which may have a negative effect upon your job or possible promotion. This avoidable consequence is vital for many of our clients in maintaining their otherwise flawless record.

If a person is not a United States citizen, a conviction of certain felony charges can have detrimental immigration consequences, including possible deportation or denial of naturalization.

It is essential that anyone charged with a DUI or Criminal Offense understand the potential seriousness of the offense, including the following factors:

  1. The legal elements of the offense
  2. The legal and factual defenses available
  3. The prosecutors' and judges' policies on these type of cases and willingness to deviate from them
  4. The range of possible penalties dictated by the law
  5. Alternatives to conviction, plea bargains and creative sentencing options available (NON JAIL)

Rarely do people, without legal training, have knowledge about these matters and are therefore not in the best position to represent themselves against an experienced, highly trained prosecutor.

The legal system, even for people with excellent records, is not designed to help or advise someone accused of a crime. This job is best left to an experienced defense lawyer.

It should be obvious that because of the complexity of the legal system, and its maze of specialized laws and procedures, not commonly known or understood by most people, that seeking the advise of an experienced attorney is critical in protecting your rights, freedom and good record.

Contacting a defense lawyer as soon as possible after your arrest assures that everything will be done to protect and defend you.

Our lawyers regularly appear in all Courts throughout the Los Angeles and San Diego area, as well as Courts in the San Fernando Valley including Van Nuys, San Fernando, Glendale, Burbank, and Pasadena.