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Alternatives to Jail

DUI and Criminal Defense Attorneys Who Know Ways You Can Avoid Jail

At Hoffman & Associates, our top priority is to protect your freedom — no matter what type of charges you are facing. Our expertise in alternatives to jail comes from over 30 years of experience standing up for our clients’ rights. Because our experienced DUI and Criminal Defense Attorneys know all the available alternatives to sentencing options, we keep our clients out of jail whenever possible. Being knowledgeable about these sentencing alternatives is critical to presenting the best options to our clients.

Our knowledgeable defense attorneys fight aggressively for your rights using every legal method and tool possible. We individually tailor each defense, always exploring the most favorable options based on the facts of the case.

Alternative Sentencing Options — Avoiding Jail in California

Regardless of the seriousness of the offenses you are charged with, or whether or not you have a good record, nobody wants to go to jail. Everyone would prefer to serve their sentence sleeping in their own bed and working at their regular job. Examples of alternatives to jail include:

  • Community service
  • House arrest (electronic monitoring)
  • Work release programs
  • Drug or alcohol rehabilitation programs
  • Private jail programs

We have advocated on behalf of thousands of clients who were facing potential jail time. Even in situations where prosecutors or judges are opposed to creative alternatives to jail time, there are still methods to obtain consideration and approval. Our track record of excellent results speaks for itself when it comes to achieving an alternative sentence for our clients.

Aggressive Defense That Gets Results

Skillful representation and effective negotiation are important qualities to consider when it comes to choosing a defense lawyer. At Hoffman & Associates, we sincerely care about our clients and will go the extra mile to achieve the best results possible in every case. We represent clients facing DUI and related charges, as well as criminal charges.

Our lawyers regularly appear in courts throughout California, including the Los Angeles and San Diego areas. Contact us today and put our courtroom expertise to work for you.

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