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Drug Possession & Sales

Los Angeles and San Diego Drug Possession Defense Lawyers

When facing criminal charges for drug possession, sale or any other drug offense, it is important to have an experienced attorney on your side you can trust to protect your legal rights. Our number one goal is to fight all charges against our clients using our many proven successful defense strategies. At HOFFMAN & ASSOCIATES, we care about your freedom and your reputation. Our drug crime defense specialists defend clients facing all misdemeanor and felony drug charges in Los Angeles, San Diego and throughout California.

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Harsh State and Federal Penalties for those Convicted of Drug Crimes

Drug offenses range in severity from misdemeanor offenses like possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia to felony crimes such as drug trafficking and the sale of narcotics. Sentences for drug crimes range from fines and probation to lengthy prison sentences and seizure of property. According to the Center for Juvenile and Criminal Justice, California has led the nation in drug offender incarceration and has experienced a 25 fold increase in the number of drug offenders sentenced to state prisons. Conviction on a federal drug charge often results in a mandatory minimum prison sentence.

California Drug Defense Attorneys You Can Count On

Drug offenses are widely prosecuted in California, and an experienced drug defense lawyer can mean the difference between your freedom and incarceration. Our criminal defense law firm handles all types of misdemeanor and felony drug charges, such as:

Drug Possession Charges:

The law on drug cases varies widely between misdemeanor and felony charges. Typically, it will depend on the type of drug and the quantity allegedly found. We represent clients facing misdemeanor and felony drug possession charges, including marijuana possession, possession for sale (intent to distribute) and other drug possession charges.

Our Drug Charge Defense Strategies

Our defense lawyers thoroughly investigate all aspects of your case. We analyze issues ranging from the traffic stop (if there was a traffic stop) to the search and seizure. You have constitutional rights and we enforce them. If evidence was obtained in violation of your rights, we fight to have that evidence suppressed at trial, thus weakening the prosecutor's case against you. As a result, we are often able to obtain dismissals, reduction of drug charges or reduction of the potential penalties. We regularly negotiate for a variety of treatment-based diversion programs, which make our clients eligible to earn a dismissal after successful completion.

Clients in Custody

We always seek our client's freedom, if they are being held in custody. In all circumstances we are prepared to fight for our client's release on their promise to appear (OR). This avoids the cost of posting a bail bond. If the court is not agreeable then we move for substantial bail reduction by the court.

We always make sure you know what you are facing and all of your legal options and defenses so you can make an intelligent decision about your future. We deeply care about our clients. Our number one goal is always protecting your freedom and good record.

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