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DUI and Hit and Run Lawyers

Whether you need a Los Angeles DUI lawyer after a DUI arrest or are facing a possible Hit and Run charges, We can help ! If you have been charged with another kind of misdemeanor or felony, We can help ! Whether you have a serious case or are dealing with a more minor charge, We can help !

We fight to help all of our clients protect their freedom and good record.

Clients Facing Hit and Run Charges

Our Los Angeles Hit and Run Lawyers (although we also help clients in other counties) spend each day representing clients facing vehicle code violations, the most common being misdemeanor and felony hit and run charges. These types of cases are our specialty.

Our firm has developed a unique and extremely effective pre-filing strategy which eliminates over 90% of hit and run charges from being filed against our clients. For example, when a client retains our law firm after being involved in a hit and run accident, our attorneys bolt into action creating a powerful strategy tailored to the unique facts of each client's case.

Our goal is to prevent the filing of hit and run charges. This "happy ending approach" lets clients walk away from this mistake without any consequences whatsoever. No court case, no conviction, no jail, no probation, no community service, no fines ... and most importantly no tarnish on your good record. It puts smiles on our clients faces every week.

Once retained, we immediately contact the appropriate police department (depending upon the location of the accident). This fast and proactive approach continues to impress the police investigators everyday with our "total cooperation approach".

Our #1 priority is to turn a negative situation into a much more positive one setting the stage to negotiate a civil compromise with the police and the other party (s) involved in the accident. It is interesting to note that the fault of the accident is irrelevant in hit and run cases. Conversely in dealing with auto insurance companies this is the most important factor in deciding whether to pay or deny a claim.

Our excellent working relationships with police officers in Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego Counties have earned our law firm record breaking results in hit and run cases.

The Los Angeles DUI Lawyers at Hoffman & Associates, A Professional Law Corporation, are dedicated to providing answers to your legal questions and concerns. We believe in helping potential clients understand all aspects of the legal problem they are facing, and provide honest and accurate information to help our clients make the best decisions.

Our firm has an outstanding reputation of winning cases through total dismissals, as well as reductions in charges and potential penalties. Our attorneys' number one goal is to explore creative approaches to avoid jail time in every case.

Our DUI Attorneys in Los Angeles are skilled courtroom lawyers with many years of experience handling cases just like yours. They are equally talented at getting cases dismissed without the necessity of clients even having to step into a courtroom, whenever possible.

We strive to make our services affordable to everyone by charging reasonable fees and offering payment plans (without any additional charge). We accept all credit and debit cards for the payment of legal services. Clients' frequently retain our services without the necessity of an office visit.

The attorneys at Hoffman & Associates have over 30 years of daily courtroom experience successfully resolving cases in all areas of criminal defense. Our attorneys are very well versed in Hit and Run defense, Driving Under the Influence (DUI), theft cases, drug cases, domestic violence, battery charges and all other misdemeanor and felony charges.


Our Los Angeles DUI Lawyers have handled thousands of Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol/ Drugs cases in all of the Courts in Los Angeles County, Orange County and San Diego County, as well as other Southern California courthouses. We carefully scrutinize all the facts presented by the prosecution and expose any weaknesses of their case so that you have the best possibility of getting your case dismissed or reduced.

City and District Attorney Hearings

Our law firm regularly represents clients at City and District Attorney hearings throughout Southern California. The reason that these hearings are so important is that the prosecutor will decide whether or not to file criminal charges against you. Our attorneys have achieved an extremely high percentage of dismissals through experienced and skillful representation at these hearings.

Drug Possession and Sales

With the ever-changing laws in the area of drug possession and sales, it is vital to be represented by a law firm who stays at the cutting edge of any legal changes that are made. We are also well versed in alternate prosecution options including diversionary type programs leading to full dismissals.

Unlawful Use of Handicap Stickers

Our attorneys have handled hundreds of people faced with being convicted of a misdemeanor for the unlawful use of a Handicap Placard. Regardless of the facts, we have created diversionary type programs that we use frequently to avoid conviction of this charge, and its penalties.

Our Criminal Defense Attorneys practicing in Los Angeles look for every opportunity to scrutinize all evidence being used in the prosecution of our client. We evaluate the relative strength or weakness of police work, scientific evidence, and any witness statements to determine whether it is potentially helpful or harmful.

Each day our experienced and highly skilled attorneys walk into courtrooms in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego County and other Southern California Courts, prepared to fight to protect our client's rights, freedom and good record. This is our number one priority.

Our DUI Attorneys in Los Angeles fight tirelessly and hard for dismissals and plea bargains for both charge and sentence reductions regardless of the facts of the case.

Longstanding and critically important relationships with judges, prosecutors and law enforcement officers open many doors to achieving excellent results for each of our clients. Defending thousands of clients in all Southern California Courts has earned our firm an excellent reputation in the legal community for its strong advocacy, yet compassionate and caring representation.

Let our expertise work for you!
Our attorneys have over 30 years of daily courtroom experience with a proven track record of success!
Client Testimonials
Client Testimonials

I would highly recommend the Law Firm of Hoffman and Associates to anyone needing an aggressive and knowledgeable attorney! Read More ›

Our Experience
Our Experience

Our firm has over 30 years of daily courtroom experience. We are highly respective in the courts for our skillful and aggressive, yet caring representation. Read More ›

Why Hire Us
Why Hire Us

Our clients receive the benefits of our firm’s winning combination of strategic legal defense and outstanding customer service. Read More ›

Hire Experienced Lawyers With a Proven Track Record of Success!

In California, the criminal justice system can have harsh penalties with severe consequences for individuals convicted of a crime. A criminal conviction may result in fines, jail time, license suspension and damage to your reputation. At HOFFMAN & ASSOCIATES, we provide skillful and aggressive defense representation to clients facing criminal charges in Los Angeles, San Diego and the surrounding areas. We fight to protect our clients' freedom and good record. Our office has handled thousands of DUI & criminal cases.

Client Reviews
I can't begin to thank Mr. Hoffman enough for his extensive efforts throughout the entire case. He went absolutely above and beyond throughout the entire process. From day one he was immediately actively pursuing ways to prevent my case from ever going to court and once that was no longer an option, actively began working on getting the case ultimately dismissed. His communication was consistent and reassuring, despite my frantic worries all the time... Micaiah Botts
My family and I simply owe our life and future to Ron Hoffman. If you are looking for a lawyer that goes above and beyond the call of duty you can't find a better lawyer than Ron. He took my case head on from the moment I called his office. I was involved in an accidental hit and run where I was unaware of the injury. Every step of the way, Ron guided me through an almost two year long investigation and court settlement process and was constantly by my side through out every crossroad... Bill Martin
Ron Hoffman and his staff were Fantastic when dealing with such a serious issue of DUI. When I first Called Ron I was very nervous and worried for my daughter and her freedom. She had a failure to appear on top of her DUI and I knew just how bad this could be. Ron was able to immediately put me at ease and gave me the confidence that there was hope and a light at the end of the tunnel. Ron was able to get the failure to appear dismissed and also no jail time for my daughter... Claude Brown
I have been working with Mr. Hoffman for over 11 years. I have seen first hand his genuine dedication to his clients, and how his experience, knowledge and passion have gotten clients fantastic results. He treats each of his clients as his only client, and takes the time to develop detailed strategies and defenses for each individual case. I have never hesitated to refer Mr. Hoffman to anyone who has asked me for a good Criminal Defense attorney. He is a fantastic attorney!... Neeta P.
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