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Sorry, but we do not represent victims of hit & run accidents

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The number one tip after leaving the scene of an accident (regardless of fault) is to avoid making your situation worse by making false statements to the police or your insurance company (like my car was stolen, when it wasn’t).

If you have already done this . . . we can help correct these mistakes to avoid more trouble for you.

Don’t call the police when you have left the scene of an accident without exchanging information or without consulting an attorney.

If the police come to your home or work, don’t agree to speak to them without your lawyer present.

It is never a good idea to turn yourself into the police station (no matter how guilty you feel) without knowing about the real facts of the accident. Avoiding being arrested is always an advantage . . . we can help you by negotiating with the police to avoid this from happening and save you this very unpleasant experience.

Don’t under estimate the power and advantage of allowing yourself to be protected by a skilled and experienced hit and run attorney.

Be cautious . . . all statements made to the police by you can be used against you.

Admitting responsibility for leaving the scene of an accident may or may not be the right thing to do.

Honesty may or may not, be the best thing for you to do without knowing more about the facts of the case including “has anyone identified you or your vehicle”.

Don’t presume that there are no options to avoid a hit and run charge.

Don’t discount the value of being protected by an experienced hit and run defense lawyer in avoiding charges from being filed, reduced or dismissed.

Write down all details about the incident while they are fresh in your mind;include any photos of the damage or photos of your vehicle.

Don’t let shame, embarrassment, and fear immobilize you from taking action by contacting an experienced hit and run attorney to learn all of your legal options right away.

Don’t underestimate the value of having a good record, stable employment and lifestyle, which help achieve positive results.

Don’t provide statements to your insurance company without consulting an attorney to assist you in presenting you in the best light possible.

Understand that your auto insurance carrier is not your friend, nor do they make decisions about paying claims with your best interest in mind.

Always understand all your rights and legal obligations. Allow an experienced hit and run specialist to design a strategy to protect you.

Be aware that investing in competent legal counsel to help protect your freedom and good record is the most important step you can take to successfully solve your legal problem.

Don’t be too harsh on yourself after a hit and run accident. We are all human and have made mistakes. Experienced lawyers are trained and possess the courtroom skills to carve out excellent solutions to any legal problem.

Don’t presume no news is good news. Be proactive in protecting your freedom and good record. Don’t make your situation worse.

Avoid the possibility of being arrested by having your Attorney negotiate your guaranteed freedom should you decide to go in the Police Station.

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