Hit and Run Reviews - Part 1

Gregory Tolliver ★★★★★

I was involved in an accident which left me possibly facing a hit and run charge and my car was impounded by the authorities. My emotions were through the roof and I for sure believed that I hit rock bottom. After a bit of research, I realized that I could be in some real trouble and possibly face jail time. People tried telling me that I could just try to figure things out on my own. However, realistically, I just did not have the knowledge and no way to navigate the justice system. I needed to find real help. Thats when Ron Hoffman and his team came to the rescue. I spoke with both Ron and his paralegal Joanie and they made me feel safe and reassured me that there was a way out! Within the first day on the job, Ron was able to get my car released and had a lot of details about my case that I would never had been able to get. He was able to masterfully navigate the system and ultimately got my case dismissed!! Words cannot express how grateful I am to have them on my side! I HIGHLY recommend Ron Hoffman to help you if you are in need!

Louis Collins ★★★★★

I could not be happier about the service I received from Hoffman & Associates.

I spoke to several law offices regarding my case on a free consultation. Ron was the person who took the most time to talk to me and really get an understanding of my unique case and he talked me through in detail what his plan would be and how he would work my case. That made me feel comfortable hiring him.

I dealt with 2 people. Ron Hoffman and his PA Joanie. Both were very personable and always available to speak if I had any questions or concerns. I like knowing that I'm dealing with real people who are very professional.

The result of my case was perfect. Ron worked the best solution for me. I couldn't recommend them more.

Nathan Deinzer ★★★★★

HIRE THIS ATTORNEY!! TRUST ME!! YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!! I hired Ron Hoffman and his law firm for a hit and run defense in which I probably shouldn't have been able to get the charges dropped, but Ron and his team were able to get me off the free and clear. His team was amazing in every step of the process. The were in constant contact with me, charged me a very fair rate, handled all the paperwork, walked me through how to deal with my insurance company, worked with me when times got tough and money was tight and were so amazingly supportive. I could not find an attorney that was going to help me for a fair price and Ron and his team took me on and it was the best decision I could have made. Very easy to talk to both him and his associate Jodie. 10/10 would recommend!!!

Aya Maria ★★★★★

The absolute best. Words can’t express how grateful I am to have found Ron Hoffman and Joanie. After doing thorough research on who I thought I could trust the most to help me out with my accident, I’m so happy to say that I chose Ron and that if I could rate more than 5 stars then I would. From the beginning, he made things so easy for me with a situation that would have been the furthest thing from easy for me to deal with on my own. Through his extensive knowledge and expertise, to how he explained everything, to how he assisted me and walked me through every step of the way in the most convenient and stress-easing way possible, he really made a very stressful situation fade away in the calmest manner imaginable. If you’re legally dealing with anything traffic related, I would very highly recommend Ron Hoffman and only Ron Hoffman. No one else, period.

Crystal Lee Mangona ★★★★★

Ron Hoffman and Associates is the BEST! Ron and his team are VERY professional and most importantly he treats you like you're family. I was in a bind and he helped me every step of the way. Ron and Joan are such amazing big hearted people and I am truly blessed to have them on my side. In less than 30 days Ron resolved my case and he was there not only as my lawyer but also as a friend/family member. He always checked up on me and provided me with updates and guidance and made me feel so at ease throughout this whole process. I cannot thank Ron and his Associates enough. Ron is truly my guardian angel and he will be yours too! Thank you Ron for everything. I will NEVER forget you and Joan. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!

Cristos Olmedo ★★★★★

Attorney Ron Hoffman and his paralegal Joanie are just an awesome team! If you are currently experiencing a situation where you think it is a dead end, you have come to right place! Give Hoffman & Associates a call and not only will they help but they will give you the relief of knowing there is a way to fix it! They will educate you, keep you updated with everything, and most importantly they will be right behind you every step of the process.

Ron has the best legal expertise there is and he is dedicated in helping his clients get the best outcome in their situation possible. I was grateful for Ron helping me in my nerve wrecking situation and ultimately got my case dismissed. He is a very understanding person and makes the expense affordable and manageable. I 100% recommend you give them a call, you won’t regret it!

Malik McDaniel ★★★★★

I do not know where to start. Ron and Joanie have been literally sent from the angels above. From the initial consultation Ron was very honest, comforting, and informative about how he can help. He not only takes his time to listen to you and take notes. He actually cares about his clients which is why I believe he is so successful. I was in a very difficult position with nowhere to go but I somehow found Ron here on google and I couldn’t be more happier with the services that were provided. Before Ron I was going for days sleepless and constantly having doubts about how I can have some kind of positive result from my situation. Even on the same day that I requested Ron’s services I had panicked later and called to ask more questions and Joanie his paralegal took her time late at night to answer all of my questions and concerns. This then gave me so much relief and allowed me to actually REST. Ron worked tirelessly and even called me on his own time off from the office called me personally to let me know that all charges have been dismissed which was unbelievable news considering the circumstances at hand. If you are ever in a tough situation and need someone who cares and will provide professional legal services I recommend Ron and Joanie. Thank you so much!

Trevor Nickel ★★★★★

Mr. Hoffman was an outstanding lawyer to help resolve my case! Not only was he very attentive to my needs, but he went above and beyond with getting my case resolved in a timely manner and reducing the possible outcome. His legal assistant Joanie was a wonderful pleasure to work with as well. Both of them were very professional and kept me up to date with everything that was happening with my case and what needed to be done. Having them represent you is like having friends who have your back and will do anything. I cannot recommend his law firm enough!

Jacqueline Coudret ★★★★★

My personal experience with Mr. Ron Hoffman and his Paralegal Joanie was far from amazing! When I called them for the first time I was going into a panic attack mode. Ron is very knowledgeable of the law and of his profession and Ron and Joanie got on my case right away and it was a friday evening when I called. They were both very professional, considerate, on top of it, throughout with details but also very compassionate. They TRULY care about the clients. I was always provided updates from my case and treated with respect and as a human being not just another client or number. Honesty when it comes to the value was also a key component. This law firm will NOT rip you off like many law firms do. They go above and beyond with knowledge, expertise and a great deal of compassion. I'd recommend Ron Hoffman and Joanie for any of my friends and family members who may get caught in a difficult situation. Wonderful and caring service. Took 10 lbs of stress from my shoulder. Top notch!

dopeitsj ★★★★★

Ron Hoffman is the best lawyer there is and I can not thank him enough.! Of course I can not forget Joanie. Such caring people and very professional. I would give them my life if I could. Ron is not just a lawyer. He is someone who goes beyond in helping you solve your legal problem and truly cares for his client. He is there for you in guiding you in life... in making better life decisions. I was charged with a hit and run 20001 with injury and I was really scared because I knew this charge would carry significant consequences. This is where I looked on google and found Ron Hoffman. He changed my life forever. I was looking at 5 days jail (minimum), 3 years of probation, a hefty fine, and a license suspension but guess what.? Ron spent many many months working on a good solution for my case. Take into consideration that the prosecutor was looking to put me in jail!. At the end, Ron gave me the deal of 2021!! Whenever you want to reach out to him he’ll be there for you. Ron Hoffman is amazing at what he does and has a deep understanding of the laws. I would highly recommend anyone who has legal problems to give Ron Hoffman a call.

Ha S ★★★★★

I am just blown away! Throughout my case, Ron Hoffman and his associates put me at ease. They went above and beyond for an outcome that exceeded my expectations. I could not be more pleased!

Justine Wallace ★★★★★

Thrilled to have worked with such great people! I found Ron on Google and could not have been more happy to have worked with him. From the first day we talked, he offered me his phone numbers, said i was welcome to call or text anytime, and just talked to me as if i was a friend or family member. He was incredibly communicative and responsive and overall made an unpleasant experience very stress-free. Extremely personable but also professional, Ron truly makes you feel cared for and knows what he is doing! I remember speaking with a couple different firms when figuring out what to do about my case and Ron was the best by a mile. He was the only one who immediately took time to explain things to me, when others I had called just made me feel like I was just going to be another paycheck to them.

Glynn Carlo Parcasio ★★★★★

Hoffman and Associates is an exceptional law firm. From Joanie (who I first spoke to on a Sunday evening) to Atty. Ron Hoffman, who from my initial conversation with him was attentive and patient. He explained every step of the process, gave clear timelines and expectations, explained the steps and reasoning on how we are going to go about the case which alleviated my worries with the situation knowing I had a lawyer that really knows what he's doing and a lawyer that cared. Ron provided consistent and regular updates on how the case was progressing. Ultimately we achieved the result we wanted.

My sincerest gratitude to Ron and the team.

R Van ★★★★★

Hello, to all wondering if they require a lawyer that specializes in hit and run situations I highly recommend Hoffman and associates. They were very friendly and reassuring especially with the complexity of my dilemma. I'm a delivery driver and had a accident involving a gated community. Thinking that I did right things with the information trading between parties I later received a letter from chp suggesting that I was involved in a hit/run on the date of that accident .I got in contact with Mr . Hoffman through his website , he was very reassuring and committed to figuring out and deconstructing the complex nature of the situation especially with all parties involved including my corporate employer were attended to. He provided updates along every step of the process and always ensured the best outcome. He found out that the problem was I didnt provided all of the information that is required by California Law. After finding out the issue , he able to help clear up all unknowns that chp was curious about. After a short period of time Mr Hoffman was able to turn around my complicated issue and provided the best outcome. I highly recommend Hoffman and Associates and dont wait!

Bryan Garcia ★★★★★

Thanks to Mr. Hoffman and his team I received a second chance. This is something we are not always fortunate enough to get. Thanks to his years of experience and relationships within the justice system I was able to have all of my charges dropped. This is something I did not think could be achieved, given the complexity of my case. I was very nervous throughout this whole ordeal because a clean driving record is required where I am employed. Mr. Hoffman offered constant updates and reassurance while maintaining transparency and full disclosure. At no point did he make any promises he couldnt keep and I really appreciated his honesty. This case was especially complicated given the current pandemic situation and this just goes to show how dedicated Mr. Hoffman and his team are. I am forever grateful and I urge any person who requires legal assistance to look no further. My trust in this team was very well placed and I wish them continued success and blessings as they've blessed me with another opportunity.

Makena Gregory ★★★★★

Ron and his team are the best! I got into a hit and run accident. I fled the scene because I didn’t have insurance and panicked! After the details of the case came out, we found out I was driving with a suspended license AND the car I hit also hit the car in front of them. I was so scared I was going to go to jail. I called Ron before I contacted the highway patrol and he worked with me to contact the police. He acquired all details from my case and walked me through the process step by step. In the end I didn’t have to go to court, and all charges were dropped. I am so grateful I found him!!! He saved me.. LITERALLY. Thank you for all that you do. If you are involved in an accident like mine, reach out to Hoffman & Associates. They are the best and you will not regret it.

Erin ★★★★★

3 months ago, I was freaking out over my incident and was frantically searching for help. I came across Hoffman and Associates in a quick search and after reading the reviews I decided to contact them. Since day one they kept constant communication and helped ease me through the process. My case is now officially closed and no charges were filed thanks to Mr Hoffman’s diligence. I can’t thank them enough!

HarvestMoon Prod ★★★★★

You will never encounter a more genuine, sincere, and highly talented attorney than Ron Hoffman. His experience and legal knowledge alone distinguish him as one of the foremost elite Defense attorneys in CA — But the diligence and compassion he exudes when representing your case is what truly separates Ron from all others. Hiring Ron was one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Accidents happen throughout the course of ones life, and when one did, I cannot begin to explain how relieved I was having Ron & his team fighting for me in my corner. Whatever anxiety experienced surrounding the incident or trepidation rooted in the fear of the unknown, we’re relieved the first day I reached out to Hoffman & Associates.

Talented, professional, and truly caring - Ron will work tirelessly behind the scenes for you. A brilliant & true master at his craft - He knows exactly what pieces to move on the chessboard of the legal system before the match even begins.

I truly wish I could give more than just simply 5stars for this review. Ron, thank you for all of your hard work, guidance, and genuine devotion through this experience!!

John S. ★★★★★

To Whom It May Concern:

I got into a car accident and got scared and left because the guy I hit was yelling at me and threatened to call the police. That was the biggest mistake of my life. Shortly after that I got a letter from the police wanting me to come in and give a statement. I panicked and didn't know what to do.

I didn't feel I could afford an attorney, but my wife said I probably couldn't afford not having one. I contacted several law firms but felt most comfortable with Attorney Ron Hoffman of Hoffman and Associates. Mr. Hoffman was also highly recommended by my best friend who used him when he had a Dui a few years ago.

We met at his office and he explained the law and all my legal options of how to respond the police letter. After hiring him to help me I felt much better. He took care of contacting the police immediately on my behalf. He helped me get my car out of impound and helped me with a statement for my insurance compqny. He even helped resolve matters with the guy I hit.

I can't thank him enough for the excellent results he got me and comforted me the whole time. Always answering my questions promptly, working on solutions to help this case from becoming a bigger ordeal. His staff was kind and treated me with the highest respect. They made this nightmare go away. I would recommend Hoffman and Associates to anyone in legal trouble.

Best regards,

Tiffany Gallarzo ★★★★★

If I could give unlimited stars here I would do that. A year ago I had a really bad experience in an accident. I was contacted by a police officer shortly after the accident. The police officer had one side of the story and had already decided I was guilty in his mind. When the officer called me he was threatening me and scaring me especially because he wasn't listening to me. I googled who to contact in my situation there were many options but Hoffman and Associates stood out. I called and spoke to Mr. Hoffman explained my situation to him. He listened to me immediately and offered to help me right away. He was transparent about his services and made his assistance doable. He called the officer for me and started handling my case that moment. Mr. Hoffman treated me with so much respect and care I felt like a family memeber was helping me out. Mr. Hoffman guided me through every step of the process. He has an amazing team he works with shout out to joanie! They kept contact with me and continued to reassure me throughout this process. Mr. Hoffman and associates got my case to never be filed through the courts. If I didn't contact Hoffman and Associates I don't think my experience and outcome would have been the same at all. I consider Ron and Joanie like family who just cares. They do more work than what you pay, so your getting more than your moneys worth. I hope to never have another accident again but if I did Hoffman and Associates would be the first people I call for help. You want them in your corner! Theres no other team that works harder for the people! I can't thank you enough Hoffman and Associates for saving me and my future!

Dustin R. ★★★★★

I never hire a lawyer before. In this case it did not feel like a lawyer it felt like family. Constantly reaches out to you any day of the week. My case was resolved quickly. The whole staff espcially Ron Hoffman. Makes you feel like specific client not just business but feel like a friend. My case is dismissed and so entirely grateful. I can't recommend a better firm. And I will recommend to my friends and family just simply amazing. If you are wondering whether or not to hire Ron Hoffman and his staff don't ever hesitate they will not let you down. Just resolve my problem. Now I'm able to sleep at night. I feel so grateful for him assisting me.

Shailesh Trivedi ★★★★★

We had a hit and run case and Ron was on it from Day1. He was extremely proactive in working out a resolution in our favor. He provided regular progress updates without ever asking for them. In the end he was able to negotiate with the DA and have the case reduced from a misdemeanor to an infraction which is like a traffic ticket. I am so glad that we had Ron Hoffman on our case and highly recommend him for any one who requires similar legal services. Ron is competent, proactive, and best of all has your best interest in mind and heart.

Amber Taylorson ★★★★★

We used Ron Hoffman to defend our son in a recent claim. He was able to get the case completely dismissed so we didn’t even have to go to court.

Beyond the success of how he represented us to the officer, Mr. Hoffman was attentive to us. We have never experienced any legal cases before, so we didn’t know anything.

He explained every step of the process to us so we knew what to expect. He helped us prepare a statement. Mr. Hoffman gave clear expectations for timelines for our case. He gave consistent and regular follow ups to us so we knew exactly how the case was progressing. His team was equally as attentive.

I highly recommend Hoffman and Associates!!

Client Reviews
I can't begin to thank Mr. Hoffman enough for his extensive efforts throughout the entire case. He went absolutely above and beyond throughout the entire process. From day one he was immediately actively pursuing ways to prevent my case from ever going to court and once that was no longer an option, actively began working on getting the case ultimately dismissed. His communication was consistent and reassuring, despite my frantic worries all the time... Micaiah Botts
My family and I simply owe our life and future to Ron Hoffman. If you are looking for a lawyer that goes above and beyond the call of duty you can't find a better lawyer than Ron. He took my case head on from the moment I called his office. I was involved in an accidental hit and run where I was unaware of the injury. Every step of the way, Ron guided me through an almost two year long investigation and court settlement process and was constantly by my side through out every crossroad... Bill Martin
Ron Hoffman and his staff were Fantastic when dealing with such a serious issue of DUI. When I first Called Ron I was very nervous and worried for my daughter and her freedom. She had a failure to appear on top of her DUI and I knew just how bad this could be. Ron was able to immediately put me at ease and gave me the confidence that there was hope and a light at the end of the tunnel. Ron was able to get the failure to appear dismissed and also no jail time for my daughter... Claude Brown
I have been working with Mr. Hoffman for over 11 years. I have seen first hand his genuine dedication to his clients, and how his experience, knowledge and passion have gotten clients fantastic results. He treats each of his clients as his only client, and takes the time to develop detailed strategies and defenses for each individual case. I have never hesitated to refer Mr. Hoffman to anyone who has asked me for a good Criminal Defense attorney. He is a fantastic attorney!... Neeta P.
I had a DUI issue recently. I have never had a problem with the law as serious as this one. I did panic a bit after and knew I had to get a lawyer to help my future. I researched the Web and read the reviews for awesome DUI Lawyers. Hiring a lawyer can be intimidating. Ron's 30 years experience and step by step guidance helped me with my case. Jonie was amazing with keeping me calm. Ron Hoffman is a great lawyer and I would refer any friends or family to him... Manuel Gomez
Ron was so accommodating and professional. With a Firm like his you wouldn't expect him to be as accessible, but he immediately returned phone calls, was easy to communicate with and was very sympathetic to my situation. He went above and beyond and was able to get a better result than I'd hoped or expected. I highly recommend Ron Hoffman and his firm. He made a difficult and anxiety fueled process bearable and made me feel safe. He is a lovely man. One does not wish to need a criminal attorney, but if you do need one, Ron's the guy to call... Teri A.
Ron and his team were the perfect pairing for what I needed taken care of. Every step of the way he was extremely helpful and informative (not his first rodeo). His work ethic and attitude were exemplary and it showed with the results of using his services. I would recommend anyone I know to give Ron a call if they need help in his realm of expertise. Many thanks Ron and associates!... Donald N.
I didn't hire a lawyer for my first DUI... What a mistake! Ronald goes above and beyond with his art and knowledge of custom strategy according to your case. lawyer of the year (every year)... Adam R.
I hate lawyers. They are hard to get a hold of, greedy and unreliable. Ron is the opposite of all these things. He deserves 6 stars, and I very much recommend him. He helped me through my case with nothing but kindness, understanding, and knowledge and eventually got it dropped. Thanks for everything Ron!... Avi Z.