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Why Hire a Lawyer?

Learn about the many advantages of having an experienced Hit and Run attorney protect your freedom and good record.

Every hit and run case is unique. For the best results it is critical to immediately consult with a defense lawyer who specializes in defending these type of cases.

Experience is critical to analyzing the facts of your case including all evidence, both physical evidence and statements of all parties involved in the accident and any witnesses.

The best results are achieved by avoiding further mistakes like giving the police or your insurance company false statements (like my car was stolen, when it was not).

Our attorneys have the ability to correct these complicating factors and avoid further negative consequences and charges. We have been doing this everyday for over 30 years with excellent results for our clients.

Beyond the unique facts of your case, there are many competing psychological factors that are in play in a hit and run case.

For example the driver leaving the scene of an accident without exchanging information has different issues and concerns than the police department doing its investigation.

Your insurance company has an obligation to you to pay accident claims, but they are also always looking for ways to avoid paying claims.

Our experience in successfully handling hundreds of hit and run cases have helped us understand the legal and psychological factors to develop specific strategies to get cases dismissed.

When dealing with the police, we know not only what to do and say, but more importantly what not to say to achieve dismissals and civil compromises.

Avoiding Criminal Charges is Our Goal in Every Hit and Run Case

Avoiding prosecution (even if you’re wrong) is our number one priority. Our firm has an excellent record of achieving dismissals through civil compromise for a high percent of our clients.

Contact our office for a free phone or office consultation to learn how our attorneys can help you successfully resolve your legal problem . . .