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DUI Checkpoints

DUI and California Sobriety Checkpoints

DUI checkpoints, also referred to as DUI roadblocks or sobriety checkpoints, are commonplace in California. The Office of Traffic Safety funds thousands of sobriety checkpoints throughout the state each year in an effort to detect and arrest drunk drivers. Unlike a typical DUI stop, there does not need to be any probable cause for you to be questioned at a DUI checkpoint.

The California Highway Patrol will often situate a sobriety checkpoint in high traffic areas known for large numbers of DUI arrests, such as the Gaslamp District in San Diego and the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles. Drivers can be randomly questioned and potentially arrested if there is a suspicion of DUI. Officers are looking for probable cause to believe a driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

What To Expect at a DUI Checkpoint

At a DUI checkpoint, drivers are funneled into lanes and forced to stop their vehicle. A police officer will often peer inside the vehicle with a flashlight attempting to detect the odor of alcohol or drugs. The officer will also ask the driver if he/she has consumed any alcohol or drugs, and will watch carefully for how the driver appears and acts during the stop.

Over the years, there have been many legal challenges to DUI checkpoints resulting in specific legal requirements that must be met at each sobriety checkpoint, including:

  • DUI checkpoints must be clearly marked and in a reasonable location
  • All cars must be stopped and treated in the same manner
  • There must be a law enforcement supervisor overseeing the checkpoint
  • Public notification must be made in advance of a DUI checkpoint set up

You can check local news sources for upcoming DUI checkpoint locations, and several internet sites have interactive maps of areas where DUI checkpoints are scheduled.

DUI Checkpoint Problems? Speak with Experienced DUI Attorneys

The knowledgeable DUI lawyers at Hoffman & Associates understand the rules and regulations of DUI checkpoints. We have over 30 years of experience in California courtrooms and have built strong professional relationships that benefit our DUI clients. There are many defenses available to fight a DUI charge in California, regardless of if you were pulled over at a DUI checkpoint or due to probable cause on the roadway. Our attorneys are skilled at explaining the complex DUI laws in an easy-to-understand manner so you know what options you have if you have been arrested at a DUI checkpoint.

A DUI conviction can have serious consequences on your life, including jeopardizing your employment. It pays to speak with a qualified DUI attorney immediately. We offer a phone or office consultation to discuss the facts of your DUI case and offer potential solutions to your legal DUI problem. Contact the Hoffman & Associates offices today and let us help protect your rights and reputation.

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