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San Diego DUI Arrest? Now what?

If you've been pulled over in San Diego and arrested for driving under the influence (DUI), you probably have many questions about what happens next. Will you lose your driving privileges? What happens at the DMV hearing? How can you clear your record?

At Hoffman & Associates, we understand the embarrassment and serious nature of a DUI arrest. We know how to minimize the consequences and will work to restore your reputation and good driving record. Use our expertise in DUI cases for a strong defense in San Diego DUI court and at DMV hearings.

Driving Privileges and DUI

When you have been stopped for DUI in California, the peace officer is required by law to produce a sworn report and file it with the California Department of Motor Vehicles, along with your suspended or revoked drivers license. You only have 10 days (including weekends) to request a DMV hearing starting the day after your DUI arrest. The DMV hearing is your opportunity to show evidence that the suspension of your driving privilege is not justified. At the DMV hearing the officer's report, any test results, and the suspension or revocation order for your license will be reviewed.

Only an experienced San Diego DUI defense attorney should be at your side to handle the critical matters during a DMV hearing. After testimony and evidence are presented, the hearing officer will review the facts and decide:

  • Did the officer have reasonable cause to believe you were driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol?
  • Were you placed under lawful arrest?
  • Did you have a blood alcohol level of .08% or higher when driving your vehicle?

The DMV hearing is the initial step in your defense process and one that is separate from any court action taken on the drunk driving charge. The ideal resolution to a DUI case is an absolute dismissal of all charges. Charges may be dropped in one of two ways: either the case is dismissed prior to going to trial, or a not guilty verdict is obtained at trial.

Talk To An Experienced San Diego DUI Attorney

Consulting with an experienced DUI attorney is necessary because of the complexity of the laws relating to DUI in California, and the serious consequences that can result from a drunk driving conviction. At Hoffman & Associates, we have over 30 years of experience in the courtroom and specialize in fighting DUI cases. Our experienced San Diego DUI lawyers will look for inaccuracies in test results, fight to protect your rights, and negotiate to dismiss or reduce your DUI charges.

Hoffman & Associates offers affordable rates and easy payment plans. Call the law offices of Hoffman & Associates today for a phone or office consultation to discuss the specifics of your DUI case.