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If you have been arrested for a DUI in California, you need the experienced DUI attorneys at Hoffman & Associates on your side. With over 30 years of daily courtroom experience, our Los Angeles DUI Lawyers have the knowledge to skillfully and aggressively defend you - whether this is your first DUI, or you have had prior offenses.

Police officers frequently make mistakes, breathalyzer machines malfunction, and technical errors occur after a blood draw. These inaccuracies in DUI testing are more common than you can imagine. Did you know that state law mandates each breathalyzer machine be calibrated and serviced routinely? Records may exist to show the machine used to test you during a DUI stop was not maintained properly and may have provided inaccurate test results. We uncover these mistakes and discrepancies and use them to cast reasonable doubt on your guilt. Examples of how we challenge the prosecution's case against you include:

  • Did the officer have probable cause to believe you were driving under the influence when he stopped you?
  • What was the officer's training on field sobriety tests?
  • How accurate was the breathalyzer test that was performed?
  • Was the blood alcohol content test performed properly?
  • Did your blood alcohol exceed .08% on either test?
An Aggressive DUI Defense

A criminal conviction for DUI carries serious consequences that may include fines in excess of $1,500, mandatory attendance at an alcohol treatment program, or a loss of driving privileges. Don’t take a chance on having any of these outcomes affect your life. Consulting with an experienced San Diego DUI attorney is the smartest move you can make after a DUI arrest. The lawyers at Hoffman & Associates are committed to successfully resolve drunk driving charges for clients in Los Angeles, San Diego and throughout California - regardless of the facts or circumstances of your case.

Our DUI attorneys in San Diego and Los Angeles prepare a strong defense strategy and search to find technical errors, mistakes made by law enforcement, or examples of police misconduct. This type of information about your DUI arrest is then used in negotiations with the prosecutor or at trial. As a result of our preparation and perseverance, we are often able to have drunk driving charges reduced or dismissed. However, when a conviction is unavoidable, we always seek alternatives to jail, such as alcohol treatment and community service.

Experienced DUI Defense in California Criminal Courts Since 1976

At Hoffman & Associates, we recognize that a DUI conviction can damage your reputation, jeopardize your driving privileges, and even threaten your employment. We fight to protect your good record, your driving privilege, and your future. Even when the police have evidence against you, we can help.

If you have been charged with a DUI in California,contact the qualified DUI lawyers at Hoffman & Associates to schedule a consultation to discuss your case. You will learn about all of your legal options, potential defenses, and how our skilled DUI attorneys will expertly prepare your defense and successfully solve your legal problem.

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