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Studio City – Hit And Run


Studio City is one of the twelve communities in the San Fernando Valley. Located just miles from the Los Angeles Civic Center, it is home to many different actors, and studios over the years. Studio City used to be mainly rural. It was named Studio City due to the filming activities of Mack Sennett in the silent film era. With a population of approximately 40,000, it is an ever growing area of restaurants, bars and live music venues. Studio city is also home to many corporate offices and law firms.

On such law firm is the firm of Hoffman and Associates. The lawyers at Hoffman and Associates have been handling Hit and Run cases for over thirty years. They have been handling Hit and Run charges and cases, from the beginning stages through trial for the residents of Studio City for a very long time. When it comes to choosing an attorney to help resolve your Hit and Run matter, it is important to consider a variety of issues. Experience and practice area should be high on that list.

It makes a very big difference is your Hit and Run lawyer is familiar with the court in which your case is being heard. Knowing the Judges and Prosecutors leads to an open relationship that can help foster negotiations. Being able to openly discuss the facts and to contact the relevant authorities can lead to a more efficient resolution of your case, but more important a favorable result .Knowing the different preferences of each individual Judge and each Prosecutor allows for the attorney to prepare accordingly. It allows them to build their case strategy, defenses and arguments based upon their knowledge of the Courtroom and what that specific Judge wants to hear.

When you are facing criminal charges, it is a very hectic and stressful time in your life. You may not be familiar with the consequences a Hit and Run charge may bring, nor do you know the first thing about how to approach the criminal system. That is the job of the lawyers are Hoffman and Associates. It is our job to guide you towards the best possible strategy and to walk you through the many facets of the complex criminal court system.

From the very first time you contact our firm, you will be put into touch with a Hit and Run specialist. They will go through the facts of your case and will assess and explain available arguments and defenses. The initial consultation is always free, because we want you to take the time to talk to us and not be worried about time constraints. We want to know about your case, as well as you as a person. Knowing the full picture is what helps us get the best possible results for you. If you find yourself in a situation where you have been charged with a Hit and Run, do not hesitate, contact our office today! You have nothing to lose!

We can be reached at www.Hoffmanlawoffice.com or directly by calling (323)655-3900.