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Pasadena – Hit and Run


Pasadena is the 180th oldest city in the United States with a population of just about 138,000. Home of the Rose Bowl and the Rose parade, Pasadena is well known throughout the country for it’s famous New Years Day parade. Pasadena has also grown over time to include a bustling downtown with high end shops, restaurants and bars. It has a good nightlife that fills its streets nightly. Unfortunately, with such an active nightlife, Pasadena also sees its share of Hit and Runs.

The attorneys at Hoffman and Associates specialize in Hit and Run cases in Pasadena. There are big benefits in having an attorney who is not only familiar with the Pasadena criminal courthouse, but has been handling cases in the courthouse for over thirty years. When your attorney is familiar with the Judges, the clerks and the prosecutors, they can help argue and defend your case efficiently. They are aware of what works with which prosecutors, and which arguments are going to make the strongest case in front of which Judge. It is also beneficial for negotiations, because our attorneys have a working relationship with each of those Prosecutors.

Right when you first contact Hoffman and Associates, you will be connected with a knowledgeable Hit and Run lawyer who can provide you with a free consultation. Our consultation allows us to learn the strengths and weaknesses of your case and it gives us the opportunity to assess possible arguments and defenses available to you. Our consultations are free so that you do not feel rushed for time, and we can take the time to answer your questions and clarify any confusion that you may have.

You can also log onto our website, www.Hoffmandlawoffice.com and be immediately connected with a representative who can take down some information and put you in touch with an attorney immediately. Furthermore, you can call our office directly at (323)655-3900, and talk to an attorney as well.

Making the choice to hire an attorney is not an easy one, but it is a necessary one. When you find yourself facing criminal charges, it can be very scary especially because you are not familiar with the criminal court system. Having someone who has been doing Hit and Run cases for most of the legal career, coupled with experience in the Pasadena Courthouse will give you the confidence you need to focus on other things. Additionally, having an attorney represent you means that you do not have to go to court unless you want to. The attorney can appear on your behalf and handle your case. The lawyers at Hoffman and Associates keep you updated on your case and all court appearance. They also will never enter a plea without discussing in detail your options and which option they recommend based upon their legal experience and expertise. Only after you give them the go ahead, will they proceed on your behalf. So let Hoffman and Associates take the load off of your shoulders and handle your case for you!