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Long Beach – Hit and Run


Long Beach is situated on the Pacific Coast, with a population of just under 500,000. Long Beach is the 7th largest city in California, and the 36th largest city in the United States. The city itself has a downtown filled with many entertaining restaurants and bars. Additionally, it contains the Port of Long Beach making it a busy maritime center, as well as an important docking point for large cruise ships.

Long Beach also has a newly renovated Courthouse, where many of its criminal cases are handled. The attorneys at Hoffman and Associates have been handling cases in Long Beach for over thirty years, and are familiar with the Judges that sit in the criminal courtrooms, as well as the bail bondsmen of Long Beach and the many different clerks. Hit and Runs are prevalent in Long Beach, and having handled them for years, the attorneys at Hoffman and Associates are well versed with the law and requirements of the Judges that sit in the Long Beach Courthouse.

When you have been arrested for a potential Hit and Run conviction, you do not want the new attorney that is handling his first Hit and Run case. You want knowledgeable attorneys who have handled thousands of Hit and Run cases in California, and specifically Long Beach. Each Judge has a different courtroom procedure, and the Prosecutors in each courtroom have different ways to handle negotiation. When you have attorneys like the ones at Hoffman and Associates, you can rest assured that they know precisely the argument to make and to fight hard for your rights.

When you contact Hoffman and Associates you will immediately be put in touch with one of our trained legal professionals who can assist you immediately with a free consultation, without any obligation. At Hoffman and Associates ,it is our motto to do what we can for our clients. Having us in your corner, you can rest assured that we are working hard to prepare for your case, to gather evidence and arguments, and have analyzed all available defenses.

Reaching Hoffman and Associates is as easy as logging onto our website at www.Hoffmanlawoffice.com where you can be immediately connected with an operator, or you can call our office at (323)655-3900. As mentioned, there is no charge for you a consultation, and we will be happy to sit down and discuss the facts with you. Each case is unique and different, and we want to do the best we can to really get to know you, your background and the facts of your arrest. Knowing the full background allows us to gain an insightful understanding of not only your case, but you as a person. This helps us fight your case to the best of our ability. If you want the best possible representation from an experienced attorney that really takes the time to get to know you and to address your concerns, do not hesitate, contact Hoffman and Associates as soon as possible!