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Hollywood – Hit and Run


Hollywood is the land of glamour, fame and fortune. It is also the land of endless possibilities and many different things to do. The city is active, and along with it, the people. With a population of about 90,000, Hollywood is California’s 7th densest city. Home of Hollywood and Vine, the Magic Castle, Runyon Canyon and its famous residents, Hollywood is tourist destination around the world. Unfortunately, with so many residents in a concentrated area, comes a higher number or arrests and incidents.

The knowledgeable attorneys at Hoffman and Associates have been appearing on Hit and Run cases in the courts of Hollywood for over thirty years. Having been handling Hit and Runs cases in the same city for countless years adds an extra advantage to your case. It means that your attorney knows the Judges, the clerks, the prosecutors and even the police departments. They know which case strategy will work with which Judge, they know which defense will catch the Prosecutor’s eye. Having such inside knowledge on Hit and Run matters allows for your case to get the best possible results, and possibly even a dismissal.

If you have been arrested for a Hit and Run in Hollywood, it is a good idea to contact Hoffman and Associates as soon as possible. You have nothing to lose. Our expert staff offers free consultation, so you do not pay a dime unless you decide to retain our office. During your consultation we will ask detailed facts about the night you were arrested, we will learn about what makes your case unique as well as you as a person. We will go over the law with you and the various defenses that are available to you. After you have met with one of our legal professionals, you will feel much better about your case. Should you decide to retain our office, you will feel confident that you have made the right decision.

Our attorneys have one goal, and that is to get your case reduced or dismissed. It is our goal to get you the best possible results and to achieve such goals we fight with zealous advocacy. We make skillful argument tailors to the specific Judge assigned to your case, and we can appear on your behalf so you do not have to take time out of your busy schedule to attend. Our attorneys will never move forward without having discussed the strategy with you, and certainly will not enter a plea until it has been discussed with you.

Know your rights! Contact Hoffman and Associates today. You can log onto the website at www.Hoffmanlawoffice.com where you can reach immediate help from an operator, or you can call our office at (323)655-3900. Take the first steps to do what is best for your case, and to seek the help that is necessary for you to ensure you have the best possible outcome for your Hit and Run Case. We will be waiting to hear from you!