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California Hit and Run Accident Defense Lawyer

TIPS TO AVOID MISTAKES AFTER A HIT & RUN ACCIDENTHiring the Right DUI Lawyer Is the Most Important Decision You Can Make toward Solving Your Legal Problem

We at Hoffman & Associates, A Professional Law Corporation, understand the fear and anxiety associated with being involved in a Hit and Run accident in California. Our firm specializes in helping people involved in accidents and who have left the scene without exchanging license and insurance information for whatever reason, including fear and anxiety have gotten the best of them. Attorney Ronald N. Hoffman has been representing Clients facing these charges in California for more than thirty years. His Clients have always appreciated his skill in a Courtroom and his successes in effectively keeping many cases out of the Courts and off his Clients’ records whenever possible.

If you have been involved in a Hit and Run accident anywhere in California, contact Hoffman & Associates immediately. These types of cases are very time sensitive. Early intervention with the police by a skilled attorney, like Mr. Hoffman, can provide the greatest chance of a successful resolution of your problem, without any charges being filed.

Being involved in a California Hit and Run, regardless of fault, is an upsetting and frightening event. It is not uncommon for individuals to find themselves in a state of fear and anxiety and often not thinking clearly, leave the scene of an accident. People often worry about getting a DUI, sometimes not wanting to get caught driving on a suspended license, and sometimes Clients don’t want to take responsibility for an accident if they don’t have money or insurance coverage.

The law requires all drivers involved in a Hit and Run accident, regardless of fault or injury, to stop and immediately exchange license and insurance information. Failure to comply with this law can lead to an arrest for misdemeanor (non-injury) or felony (injury) Hit and Run charges being filed against you. In either event, leaving the scene without exchanging license and insurance information is a serious offense. If you are convicted of a Hit and Run offence, it will create a permanent criminal record. If you have made this mistake, you are not alone. Early intervention by an experienced attorney can minimize or even eliminate this offense from tarnishing your otherwise good record.

Contact Hoffman & Associates today.
We have over thirty years of experience successfully resolving these cases.

We are happy to explain our strategies for handling your case as well as all options available to you.

What should you do if you are involved in a Hit and Run accident in California?

If you, a friend, or a loved one was involved in a California Hit and Run (including those occurring in Los Angeles County, Ventura County, Orange County or San Diego County) you should do the following:

  • Contact an experienced Hit and Run attorney who has helped hundreds of Clients over the years to successfully resolve these types of legal matters. Once contacted, our firm will take immediate steps to minimize or even eliminate this mistake from damaging your good record.
  • It is generally not advisable to make any statements to the police or other involved parties, or to any insurance companies, without first consulting with an experienced attorney. Although you may feel the urge to explain or attempt to justify your actions, Clients often further damage their legal rights by doing so.

Contact Hoffman & Associates and talk with one of our firm's experienced California Hit and Run attorneys, dedicated to protecting your legal rights and minimizing or eliminating the potentially damaging affects of this mistake. Hoffman & Associates has defended hundreds of California Hit and Run cases for more than thirty years. Let our years of experience and successful strategies work for you.

Why contact a California Hit and Run attorney now?

The sooner you contact our office, the quicker we can help you accomplish the following goals:

1. Avoid arrest.
2. Avoid the embarrassment of being arrested at home or at work.
3. Avoid the stress and anxiety that accompanies an arrest.
4. Avoid the expense of having to post bail.
5. Avoid the time and expense of your case going to Court.
6. Most importantly, avoid a conviction that will tarnish your good record.
7. Avoid penalties that come with a conviction.

Why Call Hoffman & Associates?

  • We are a professional corporation of experienced attorneys dedicated to helping our Clients solve their legal problems.
  • We have more than thirty years of daily Courtroom experience fighting to protect our Clients’ legal rights.
  • Our number one priority is to get our Clients Hit and Run charges dismissed through a legal procedure called a Civil Compromise, regardless of the facts or circumstances of your case.
  • Our Attorneys are highly skilled Courtroom attorneys. We are also excellent negotiators, where it is in our Client’s best interest.

If you have been involved in an accident in which you left the scene without exchanging your license and insurance information for whatever reason, contact the California Law Offices of Hoffman & Associates immediately. Our lawyers regularly appear in more than thirty Courts in Los Angeles County alone, in addition to Courts in Orange, Ventura, and San Diego counties. We also represent Clients with legal problems in all Courts throughout California. Attorney Ronald N. Hoffman, will personally meet with you, your friend or loved one, and explain how our proven strategies and successful track record of defending California Hit and Run cases can work for you!

Our number one goal is to serve our Clients and protect their legal rights, while achieving excellent results. Start solving your legal issues today so you can sleep better tonight!


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