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Santa Monica, California

Known for its beautiful sands and ideal location along the western coast of California, Santa Monica is attracts tourists from all over the world. With quaint, shop lined streets and award-winning restaurants, Santa Monica is a growing metropolis with a booming economy in tourism. Its population of about 87,000 enjoys the glowing sun and golden sands year round as it sits right next to famous surfing beaches along the coastline.

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Hoffman and Associates provides expert legal help for clients facing all felony and misdemeanor criminal charges. We specialize in DUI, but also represent clients facing drug charges, assault & battery charges, and other criminal cases. We offer a consultation that allows you to discuss your case with one of our experienced attorneys so that you are fully aware of all possible options and outcomes of your case before you hire us. We want you to thoroughly understand what our team of DUI and criminal defense lawyers can do for you.

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We have offices in both Los Angeles and San Diego and both are located conveniently. Call Hoffman & Associates today to set up a consultation and put our years of experience to work defending your case and fighting for your rights and reputation!

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