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Don’t approach this hearing casually . . . the decision to file or not file criminal charges against you will be made here.

These hearings are held at the Office of the City Attorney before a prosecutor.

Used properly, this hearing is your one opportunity to impress the hearing officer of your innocence or mitigating circumstances in your favor.

Unlike a court proceeding, you do not have the right to a copy of the police report containing the facts being used against you.

An Attorney experienced in City Attorney Hearings, can usually have a meeting with the prosecutor before the hearing to learn about what the police report said you did including any physical evidence or witness statements sought to be used against you.

Armed with understanding both sides of the facts of the case, an experienced attorney can quickly strategize the facts and create the strongest defense for his client.

There is no substitute for experience . . . knowing what a client should say at this City Attorney hearing is equally important as what not to say to win these hearings and avoid criminal charges altogether.

Years of experience in doing these hearings gives our clients a strong advantage, by knowing how the hearing officer thinks on each case before even hearing and evaluating the facts. This valuable psychological advantage allows us to plan our client’s presentation to optimize favorable results.

Hearing Officers set City Attorney Hearings in many different types of cases including battery, domestic violence, disturbing the peace, neighbor disputes, hit and run cases, and many other appropriate charges.

Regardless of the charges, hearing officers always appreciate good attitudes, a showing of increased awareness, and most important, appropriate remorse experienced.

Hearing Officers also give serious weight to clients taking voluntary and proactive steps to avoid future issues legal problems.

Hearing Officers are favorably influenced by clients attending Alcohol Anonymous Meetings, self help groups, or other rehabilitative efforts. Client’s who attend counseling (with a letter of proof) showing that they are taking proactive steps to address the potential issues which contributed to the legal violation, always creates a positive impact at these hearings.

Prior to the hearing date, our clients are fully prepared on all of the above issues to dramatically increase the successful results of winning these hearings

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