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Torrance – Hit and Run


Torrance is located in a region known as the Southbay of Southern California. Torrance has about a 1.5 mile stretch of beautiful beaches along the Pacific Ocean. With a population of approximately 146,000, it is no wonder that the criminal courts of Torrance have a continuous flow of Hit and Run cases.

If you have been arrested for a Hit and Run, it does not make sense to hire a new lawyer, or a lawyer who does not practice in Torrance. It is beneficial for you to have someone on your team who has been appearing in Torrance courts for a countless number of years. The legal professionals at Hoffman and Associates have been practicing Hit and Run cases in the Torrance courthouse for over thirty years. They are readily familiar with the Judges and the Prosecutors who work on the courthouse. They also know the police departments which makes obtaining discovery and subpoenas easier than it would be for a layperson.

When you are first arrested for a Hit and Run case, there are many defenses available to you and strategies that may help dismiss your case before it even gets filed. For the best possible chances of dismissal, it is best to contact a Hit and Run lawyer as soon as possible. When you contact Hoffman and Associates, you get connected with a lawyer right away. We offer free consultations so you have the option of discussing your case and the possible outcomes with a lawyer immediately, without the obligation of having to pay up front. This gives you a feel for the extensive knowledge of our attorneys, and it gives you the comfort you are seeking at a time when you need a lot of answers.

You can log onto our website at www.Hoffmanlawoffice.com and can get connected to an operator through the website. You can also call our office at 323.655.3900, and speak to someone right away. When you call our office, we will want to know about the facts of your case, as well as you as a person. Knowing that individual person is unique, and presenting that to the Judge helps tremendously in arguing your case. Furthermore, knowing the Judge your case is in front of, and knowing the prosecutors in the courtroom helps tailor the strategy and defenses in your case. This would not work if the attorney you are talking to is not familiar with the Torrance Hit and Run Judges.

It is a stressful time when you have been arrested, and the best thing you can do for yourself is get someone who will fight for you, and in whom you can have complete confidence. Having an attorney that you can trust will help relieve as much stress as possible, and will give you the comfort you need to focus on the things that are really important in your life. Do not hesitate, seek the professional help you need and give us a call at Hoffman and Associates so we can start taking the stress off your shoulders, and onto ours.