Los Angeles Downtown Skyline

North Hollywood, California

North Hollywood is a lovely neighborhood in the heart of the beautiful San Fernando Valley. People with creative spirits will feel at home in the NoHo Arts District where they may enjoy tasty food from delicious cafes, buying unique items from fashionable shops, viewing priceless pieces of art at one of many galleries, and contemporary plays at one of the city’s theaters. North Hollywood also hosts the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, which was created in 1946 right after the birth of American network television.

North Hollywood’s growing esteem over the years and its population of nearly 77,848 residents has led to severe traffic conditions, as well as many traffic accidents. Regrettably, the increasing amount of accidents has caused situations where one or more persons have left the scene of the accident without trading the information mandated by law. When this happens, the driver departing the scene may be charged with a hit-and- run, which is a serious criminal violation.

There is a multiplicity of reasons that may lead a person to leave the scene of an accident. She may be frightened, she may have an invalid driver’s license, she may have a criminal history, she may be on probation for a previous criminal offense, her insurance may be invalid, or she may be apprehensive about the financial consequences. Regardless of her reasons, there are people here that may be of assistance.

A hit-and-run happens when a person causes damage to another person’s property, while driving an automobile, and fails to stop to alert the owner and does not conform to the law by exchanging one’s registration, proof of insurance, and driver’s license with the other person involved. There is a large spectrum of hit-and-run violations; which may include damage to shrubbery, signage, or parked vehicles. Violations that involve property damage are generally misdemeanors. This type of hit-and-run is prosecuted under California Vehicle Code Section 20002.

In cases where a person endures severe injury, such as a bone fracture, a person may be charged with a felony, which potentially carries serious consequences. Whether a person is actually at fault in the accident is irrelevant in both misdemeanor and felony cases.

Though a person left the scene of an accident, it is still possible to circumvent criminal charges by contacting a practiced criminal defense attorney. The Law Firm of Hoffman and Associates concentrates in defending a person’s rights, freedom, and good record in instances where she is accused of a hit-and-run.

After such accident, there are great benefits to contacting an attorney right away. Criminal charges may not be filed if early intervention is sought. Doing so, shows police officers a driver’s willingness to cooperate and to take responsibility for her actions. This also increases the likelihood of a civil compromise, or an agreement not to file criminalcharges through the court, but to handle the matter informally between the parties. Hoffman and Associates often triumphs in preventing the filing of criminal charges. Hoffman and Associates is also skilled at quickly releasing vehicles from police impound.

Hoffman and Associates has effectively represented those charged with hit-and-runs for more than thirty years. They even offer free consultations, reasonable rates, and payment plans. Credit cards are welcome and cases can be initiated with a phone call, no office visit required. Learning your options is simple. Contact Hoffman and Associates at 323- 655-3900 or visit their website at www.hoffmanlawoffice.com. You may also get important tips on the proper way to handle a hit-and-run accident at www.hoffmanlawoffice.com/lawyer-attorney-2209883.html.

Hoffman and Associates doesn’t just handle hit and run cases. They would also be pleased to assist you with any DUI or criminal related matter. Their adept and highly qualified attorneys are available to advise you regarding whatever legal situation you may face.